Here in America, it can be so easy for us to get lost in life’s every hustle and bustle. Going to workstressfreelife, fighting traffic, picking up the kids, meeting deadlines; we sometimes forget to take a moment to stop and relax.

What is important is that you don’t bargain with stress until it overwhelms you so much that you hinders your health!

The #1 Tip is to:

Recognize That You Are Stressed

Knowing what is likely to cause stress can help avoid such things in the future.  Keep a record of what situations make you stressful and see how you might deal with them in other ways in the future.

#2 | Learn to Relax

Many people do not include relaxation time in their schedules. Conscious relaxation is important for your body and mind and can help you deal with the negatives of stress.

#3 | Develop Time-Management

Effective time management allows the amount of work or other commitments undertaken to be regulated, reduces the uncertainty of not having enough time to complete every task required and allows for the planning of ‘time off’ periods in which to relax.

#4 | Reduce the Demands for Yourself

Do not over-commit yourself and be prepared to say ‘No’ if the load is too great.  It is common for people to overestimate how much can be achieved in a particular space of time, so leave free time to cope with the unexpected.

5 | Think Positive

Do not dwell on failures and reward yourself for your successes.  Accept that everyone has limits and cannot succeed at everything.  Reflect on what you have achieved.






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